Matthias Broecheler

I’m a serial entrepreneur who loves to build innovative data systems and high-performance teams.

I have decades of research experience in databases, analytic systems, and machine learning. I got my PhD from the University of Maryland in Computer Science with a focus on graph databases and relational machine learning. I developed the Titan graph database (now called JanusGraph).

I have co-founded 4 companies including Aurelius which was acquired by DataStax in 2015. I am currently a Chief Technologist at DataStax.

I am a practitioner and lifelong student of team leadership.

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Getting Acquired: Lessons Learned

On January 30th, 2015 the company that I co-founded, Aurelius, got acquired by DataStax. It was the first time that I negotiated and executed an acquisition of substantial size (>$1M) and this post summarizes the lessons I learned in the process [1].

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